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Ormskirk Tyres

New Tyres Ormskirk

From time to time we all have to replace the tyres on our vehicles for new tyres. Marshall Abram Garage your independent Ormskirk car service centre is able to supply and fit a wide range of tyres. Whether your car/van is petrol or diesel, front, rear or four wheel drive we can sort you out with just what you need. The minimum legal depth that is allowed on UK roads is 1.6mm across three-quarters of the centre of the tread around the full circumference of the tyre. If you have not changed to new tyres for some time it is worth thinking about, if stopped each tyre that fails the minimum test is a separate offence, so if all four tyres failed you could lose your licence.

Replacement Tyres Ormskirk

If you are in a position to do so it is always best to have the right tyres fitted for the right conditions. At any time of year and in any weather the demands placed upon your tyres is high and there are a number of different tyre types;

New Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are made of a less elastic compound making them better for the higher seasonal temperatures and offer better rolling resistance and wear, which adds to the ride comfort providing optimal performance.

New Winter Tyres

As the weather conditions can alter so quickly during the winter. Winter tyres need to offer the best possible safety at low temperature and on wet, icy and snowy surfaces. It is essential that they afford greater grip and the tread paten is designed to disperse water and prevent aquaplaning. The rubber compound is highly resistant to lower temperatures giving stability and safety when the harsh weather hits.

New All Weather Tyres

As the name suggests all weather tyres are a cross between the best parts of summer tyres and winter tyres allowing them to perform in all weather conditions. The latest technology means that you are assured of safe driving all year round.

To make sure you are fitted with the new tyres you want throughout the year. Just call us here at Marshall Abram Garage your local independent Ormskirk tyres and car centre.