Car Brakes Ormskirk

Car Brakes Ormskirk

The ability to stop is not something that should be left to chance. If you are unsure about the performance of your car brakes our technicians at Marshall Abram Garage, your local Ormskirk car service centre, will be happy to inspect them for you.

After inspection should there be any problems we will discuss your options and complete any repairs or replacements that you car may require.

What to look for when checking your car brakes

The following are tell-tale signs to look out for;
  • A grinding or squealing sound when you apply pressure to the car brake pedal
  • The vehicle pulls to one side or the other
  • Longer than normal to slow down or stop
  • The rear wheels lock when pressure is applied to the car brake pedal
  • The vehicle shakes or judders when braking
  • The car brake pedal is spongy or hard when you press down on the car brake pedal

All of the above require further investigation and should not be ignored. Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk is able to deal with any brake related problems you may encounter no matter what make or model of car you are driving.

Many drivers do not realise that if your car brakes are under performing by just 5% it is costing them in fuel consumption, ware and tare and most importantly they are risking the safety of themselves and their passengers with overall stopping distances being increased.

Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk Car Brakes Service

Here at Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk safety is upper most when we work on any of our customer’s vehicles and having your car brakes on a regular basis goes a long way to making ensuring your safety is not compromised when you need it most, stopping! Dirt and grit are a menace if they are not dealt with swiftly and can affect the performance of your car brakes. A quick clean may be all it takes to stop that grinding sound, but left you could have a huge bill for replacing discs before needing to. Don’t leave it to chance where your safety is concerned; call us now so we can check your brakes for you.